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Breathtaking Snorkeling Tours Along The Kona
Coast On The Big Island Of Hawaii

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Explore Tropical Underwater Landscapes

The Big Island is full of some of the most spectacular snorkeling spots in the world. Our snorkeling tour locations are made up of all of the very best and popular spots.

Makaiwa Bay the Big Island of Hawaii is an excellent choice for a snorkeling adventure because the water is clear.

From $49

Kealakekua Bay is a premier snorkeling location on the Big Island of Hawaii and a top favorite of our team.

From $89


We Love Snorkeling

Ever thought about what a dream
job would look like? Well, for us, we live here in Hawaii. Our team is made up
of the best snorkeling guides. Not only are they great people at heart and easy
to get along with, but they are well versed in everything snorkeling! Knowing where
all the most incredible snorkel spots on Big Island and assisting inexperienced
snorkelers in all the tips and tricks that help make their experience a
memorable one. Our mission is to help provide you with all of the very best
there is to offer during your stay here on Big Island.

While the ocean is a fun and
fantastic place, it also comes with its dangers. So when you take a trip with
us, you can trust that all of our guides have current CPR training and the
ability to distinguish what areas of water to stay away from that may contain
riptides, sea urchins, and even sharks and eels. Safety truly is a priority for
the whole Snorkeling Tours Kona Hawaii team.

Snorkeling Tours Kona Hawaii gets to live the ‘Dream Job’ with every tour we host. 

Sharing that with our valued customers is a double win. 

Making memorable experiences snorkeling on the Big Island is what we are all about.

We look forward to going snorkeling with you, too!

Showing you the very best and beautiful snorkeling spots on Big Island is what we are best at. Big Island has some of the best snorkeling available and we would love to help you experience it.

Treating our customers with respect is a top priority. Any questions or concerns you may have are always welcome and you can always count on being treated with Aloha.

Snorkeling with us definitely results in memorable adventures and fun times here on Big Island. Not only will you get to see amazing coral reef, marine life and the clear blue ocean but our guides can also teach you about the things you encounter on your journey.


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Experienced Team

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Discover hidden snorkeling spots on our tours

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